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Weather Stripping Your Doors     

If you can see light under your door, then you've got air coming in and out of your home, wasting energy and money. You can put a stop to it by weather sealing your door.  

Start with a door sweep. There are many different kinds of sweeps. Some will require fasteners, some will slide on to the door and others use adhesives. They all do the same job, and that's to keep air from moving in and out. 

They're simple to install; just make sure that the bottom of the sweep makes contact with the sill. 

Next, you can seal between the door and the doorstop. There are a number of products you can use, such as foam and rubber adhesives. Just cut them to length and install them.  

On this door, when we removed the old material that was damaged, we found factory installed grooves. We'll replace it with exactly the same kind. You can find these at any home improvement retailer. There are two different types. One is installed along the strike and top, and the other is along the hinge. 

They're very easy to install. Carefully cut them to length, so that there are no gaps, and then they just slide right along into the grooves. These are magnetic. Since this door is made of steel, it will make a great seal between the steel and the magnet. 

And so, the door is sealed and you don't have to spend too much time or money. What are you waiting for? Weather seal your doors and make your home more comfortable and efficient.