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It may be getting colder ooutside, but here are five ways to keep your home cozy without the discomfort of high energy bills.

     •  Change your furnance filter regularly to help your system run more

        efficiently all season long, saving you money and keeping your indoor

        air cleaner.

     •  Program your themostat to automatically reduce the temperature of

        your home when it's empty or everyone's asleep.  A smart thermostat

        will set a schedule for you.

     •  Inspect windows, doors and walls for air leaks and seal any you find.

        Letting in cold air makes it harder to keep your home warm.

     •  Switch ceiling fams to winter mode to push air up to the ceiling, forcing

        the warm air back down to the floor, where it keeps you warmer.

     •  Upgrade to ENERGY STAR® if your heating system is 15 years old or


Don't let winter get the best of your energy bills.  Use these tips to stay comfortable and save.

5 Ways to Save While Staying Warm