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Dalco Comfort Plan

Basic Plan

Brief Description of

Spring & Fail Maintenance

Check & adjust thermostat

• Check filter & blower wheel

• Inspect electrical connections

• Check refrigerant charge

• Check amperages of components

• Check system safety controls

• Inspect condition & Check contactors

• Clean condenser coils with water

• Check condensate drain

• Check temperature of air

• Replace 1" air filter (Spring & Fall)

• Inspect heat exchanger for damage

• Test for combustion gases

• Inspect, clean & adjust pilot

• Inspect, clean & adjust burners

• Check operation of gas valve

• Test of electric elements

• Check blower fan motor

• Check flue for proper drafting

• Check & lubricate all moving parts

   requiring lubrication

Basic Plan Price:                 $139.90

Additional Unit Option:   $119.75

(Same Location)

Premier Plan

The Premier Plan includes

the Basic Plan plus:

1. Clean Condenser Coil with Cleaner

The deep cleaning action, when using the cleaning agent, helps maintain the efficiency of your system and aids in eliminating premature failures.

2. Clean Condensate Drain Line

Cleaning the drain line with nitrogen will not only help protect your equipment, but could one day save your ceilings and floors.

3. Anti-Algae Treatment

This preventive step will keep the moisture areas of your system free of algae build-up.

Premium Plan Price:         $242.90

Additional Unit Option:   $215.90

(Same Location)

Dalco's Comfort Program Provides:

1.  Peace of Mind:  Automatic on-time maintenance scheduling.

2.  Preferred Treatment:  Priority scheduling of your service calls.

3.  Lower Utility Cost:  Keeps your equipment at peak efficiency.

4.  Service You Can Trust:  Dalco has been in business since 1963.

5.  Service Discount:  You will receive a 15% discount on all repairs.

The "Dalco Comfort Program" saves you money - BECAUSE WE CARE!