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Winterizing Recommendations

The Seasons Are Changing.

Make Sure Your Comfort Stays Consistent.

A seasonal system check will keep your comfort going strong.

When you have you HVAC system checked by our technicians, they will carefully inspect each piece of equipment to make sure it's running at its best.  This will make your system run more effectively and efficiently.

Contact Us to schedule you pre-winter maintenance check-up and don't be caught a heating system not running at peak performance.

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During Our System Checkup, We Will:

•  Check the gas furnace or the refrigerant in you heat pump.

     Too much or too little refrigerant will inhibit the efficiency of your system and

     potentially cause compressor damage.  A gas burner that is no set properly

     can waste natural gas.

•  Check filters or collection cells in your filtration system.

     A clogged or dirty filter makes your furnace air handler work harder to move

     air, which wastes electricity and reduces the life of your system.

•  Clean the blower motor and fan blades of your air handler or furnace.

     A clean fan and blower run more quietly and efficiently.

•  Clean your indoor coil.

     A dirty coil can't transfer heat as efficiently as a clean coil, which can inhibit

     system performance.

•  Clean your outdoor heat pump coil.

     Like a dirty in door coil, a dirty outdoor coil can't transfer heat efficiently,

     which makes more work for the system while consuming more energy

     to keep you comfortable.

•  Check the performance of your system.

     By measuring the effectiveness with which your system heats compared to

     ambient air temperatures, we can tell how well your system works, and

     whether or not problems may be developing.

•  Contact Us to schedule you pre-winter maintenance check-up and

     don't be caught a heating system not running at peak performance.


Problem Areas Homeowners Should Check:

•  Check Your Insulation

     Does you attic have enough insulation?  Now might be the time to check!

     If you can see the tops of your ceiling joist, you've got a problem.

     Add a layer of unfaced batt insulation to bring the levels to the top of the joists.

     A second layer laid perpendicular to the joists will add additional protection

     and add money to the bank.

•  Weatherproof Windows & Doors  

     Seal gaps larger than 1/2 inch around windows and doors to cut your winter

     heating bill by up to 15%.  On windows press adhesive backed closed cell

     foam onto the bottom of the sash.  Check and add or replace window weather

     stripping in the sash grooves.  Doors should have foam strips on the sides and

     tops.  Install a door sweep on the bottom.

•  Check Your Gutters

     Gutter pitch should be 1/16 to 1/8 inch per foot thereby directing water to the

     downspout.  Use a level and use a water hose to insure water is draining from

     the gutter so it won't freeze.

•  Ceiling Fans  

     Remember to change the direction of your ceiling fan.  Winter time operation

     should be pushing the up to the ceiling which move warm air toward the floor.

     Clean the fan blades from dust to improve air quality.

•  Check for Holes in The Attic  

     During the brightest part of the day or a steady rain, look for streams of light or

     water entering the attic through the roof of sheathing.  This can lead to more

     serious damage if left unfixed.  Some leaks may appear around a chimney or

     vent stacks.

•  Bare Pipes  

     If the hot water piping coming out of your hot water tank isn't insulated,

     you're wasting energy and money. Fitted pipe insulation is available

     at your local DIY retailer and it's an easy and affordable project.